What kind of high heels are the most elegant?

Dear ladies, high heels for women are essential to highlight women’s charm. But there are also stresses on wearing shoes. What kind of high-heeled shoes can make your legs more slender and your body more slim? Today, let’s discuss the secrets hidden in high heels. Are you ready?

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What’s the most suitable height for high heels

How many centimeters of heel can make legs look better?We can clearly see from the picture that the higher the shoes are, the better. The high heel of about 8 cm can make the lines of legs look soft and smooth.

  • Rule 1: pointed shoes are better than round shoes and square shoes.

High heels for women are usually divided into square shoes, round shoes and pointed shoes according to the toe shape. We need to choose according to the style when we wear everyday, and square shoes highlight the personality. Round shoes look cute, pointed shoes are elegant and sexy. But only from the point of view of extensibility, pointed shoes have more advantages, and of course, they will show longer legs.

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  • Rule 2: thin heel is better than thick heel and slope heel shoes

Stiletto is the most slim and long legged style. At the same time, 8 to 10 cm is also the highest height you can choose to attend formal social or business activities. Stilettos and stilettos are solid, but slightly bulky.

  • Rule 3: choose strapping high heels carefully

Strapping shoes have a strong sense of design and fashion, and various styles. Wearing strapping shoes, people’s attention will focus on the ankle and calf, so the requirements of strapping shoes on leg type is very high. In general, if you want to show slender legs, please try to avoid bandages.

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  • Rule 4: have the right high-heeled shoes posture, in order to make the overall body more elegant

No matter what style of high-heeled shoes you are wearing, you need to master the correct manner of wearing high-heeled shoes to better show your slim posture.
Standing to show slim, need to focus on the soles of the feet and thin high heels between the body tall and straight;
To make your body slim and elegant, in addition to strengthening the visual effects of these tips, it is more important to maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep exercising. I hope this article can inspire ladies who love beauty.

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