Tips for winter coats

Tip 1

  • If the coat and skirt are the basic color, the accessories can be bold with bright colors.
  • In winter, we generally choose basic coats and basic colors, which are more versatile, such as camel coats, gray coats and other neutral colors.
  • If you’re pairing a dress with a low-key base color, to avoid looking too “cool and dull,” spend some time on accessories and be bold with bright colors.
  • For example, tie a small silk scarf with delicate and rich colors between your neck, which can not only improve the visual focus, but also keep warm, appearing delicate and elegant.

Tip 2

  • Contracted coat + the skirt that has design feeling.
  • The simple clear color coat is low-key and durable, while very inclusive. At this time, it can be matched with a variety of skirts with elements to create a look of different styles.

For example, the coat with plaid skirt, sven and modern; Match broken flower skirt, increase sweet breath. Tie-in lace skirt, take sexy temperament. It is variously styled and charming.

In addition to changes in the pattern of the skirt, changes can also be made in the material, such as gloss fabric more suitable for winter, velvet skirt, satin skirt and so on.

These delicate soft material and thick and crisp coat material to form a contrast, give a person “firm and soft” sense of confidence, build a proper visual wallow, let a person feel, wear a coat in winter, in addition to can handsome, but also a bit gentle.

Tip 3

There are a lot of people to worry to wear coat collocation long skirt to be able to appear dilatory, actually what we need to pay attention to more is integral visual effect. Among them, the profile of the cheap coat, and the length ratio of the coat and skirt, the high waist line has a great impact on the whole.

Tip 4

the color collocation of coat and skirt, how to wear them with a simple sense?

Dark colors and bright colors are a great color palette in winter. If your coat is dark and heavy, then you can choose a bright color dress for the underside. It’s easy to wear a retro and stylish style.

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