Tips for buying clothes

What are the tips for buying clothes? What suits you is the best. Women are natural shopaholics, their favorite to buy, of course, is a variety of new clothes, to dress up the United States, live up to this great time, today we are going to share the skills of buying cheap clothes online.

Cheap clothes online

Try cheap clothes online. Feel if the material and cut of the garment are right for you. If you think online shopping is cheaper, you can place an order after seeing the counter, which can reduce more than 80% of blind consumption.

Try on clothes

To make good use of the dressing rooms in clothing stores, you can be bold to go to the dressing rooms of major brands and try as many styles as possible. This free and unburdened way of shopping is the best way to find your own style and enhance your taste.

Start by buying items in basic colors

Create a scientific wardrobe. Colour matching is the most basic the most important but also the most difficult. You need to buy four basic colors: Black/White/Grey/Nude. Actually the wardrobe of famous brand designer is also these 4 colors. This is the quickest way to improve your fashion mix. No matter wear summer, autumn and winter or inside and outside to buy these 4 colors first. Buy color only when you feel your matching skills have improved.

Prioritize items that go with everything

It is a long sleeve likewise, of solid color can joker everything, this is the charm that sheet tastes. Each piece is versatile, practical rate is very high.


Tops, pants, etc. are consumables and need to be replenished quarterly, as long as the quality is right. Don’t spend too much money on one consumable.

Invest in quality products and upgrade grades

Suit/coat/coat/jacket leather clothes/bags/shoes/jewelry are all reflects the taste and class, and the practical rate is very high, do not need to buy too much, but to buy carefully. Focus your money on these key items each month or quarter and try to live a quality life.

Create a shopping list and stick to it

Make a quarterly purchase plan for each item, including top/pants/coat/skirt/shoes/bag/accessories, etc. You need to tailor it to your role and the occasion. You also need to fully consider how each piece fits together. All in all, you only need a few simple pieces of clothing and pants to look the same for a month.

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