Three must-have items for autumn

Item 1: Long sleeve dress

【 Flax/Thin 】

Let’s start with the long sleeve dress that many people like. Good long sleeve dress function can foil your unique temperament.

  • Color:
    Common basic colors in the market, white, ivory, water ash, coal ash, champagne, navy blue as the first choice. Among them, white and water ash are preferred. Solid color is very good, simple and fine, low-key color.
  • The form
    “Form” is different from person to person, each has his own preference. Here are some categories.
    Collar: Large round collars flatter the length of your neck. Medium round neck can be worn under a shirt or on its own.
    Shoulder line: Generally speaking, self-cultivation shoulder line for the actual shoulder line, in the right position.
  • Quality:
    In late summer or early fall, most people’s favorite top material is linen or thin, which meets most people’s basic requirement for a long top — soft enough.

Item 2: Coats for autumn

Coats are a must for fall. Here are the categories of outerwear.

  • The cardigan

Cardigans are made of fine knit fabric. Late summer and early autumn when the appropriate choice of linen material, cashmere material selection in late autumn. Wool blends are optional for coarse knitting.

  • Baseball windbreaker
    A baseball jersey is an athletic type of coat. As a result, formal baseball jerseys embroidered with initials on the chest are full of schoolyard and athletic style.

Item 3: Bombers

The traditional aviator jacket dates back to World War I, when the U.S. Air Force established Aviation Clothing Board, which designed Clothing for pilots to work high in the cold. As a result, bomber jackets have always been very masculine. Men’s clothing women, the biggest characteristic is the retention of the shoulder line, a kind of broad shoulder visual sense. Black and military green are popular colors, generally have thin coat effect, more warm, street wind, suitable for tide. With the above kind of delicate Bomber regardless of advantages and disadvantages, only in the temperament of the difference.

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