All kinds of straps

Strap is a kind of clothes that many girls will wear in summer, not only sexy but also cool, so it will become the love of many girls. Of course, sling collocation is also very particular, today I will take you to learn how to match with straps.

Cute cheap clothes-strap

There are several types of straps, the first is the ordinary halter top, a longer halter top can be worn with jeans, but don’t wear it in cold weather.

If you really want to wear it, add a coat, sweater or baseball jacket or a small suit. Also can tie-in braces trousers, increase lovely feeling, clear and pure lovely style only you.

Short style suspenders that is better match. Such as high-waisted jeans, high-waisted denim shorts, hip skirts. Try to choose high-waisted pants that will lengthen the body’s proportions. Of course, if you choose to wear suspenders and shorts, be sure to wear sunscreen. I think it’s sexy to wear a buttock dress with a sling. It not only highlights the slender upper body, but also highlights the curve of the buttocks.

Skirt with shoulder-straps also can is one of the hot style products, the skirt with shoulder-straps of brief paragraph can match some simple accessories, if it is small and pure and fresh style, such as flower, white skirt simple design can match less accessories, according to the color to match your shoes, suggested some wear white black canvas shoes or sandals also can match the shoes.

Long halter skirt is better match, inside the collocation of a solid color T-shirt must echo the color, for fear of mistakes can choose white and black. The French halter dress can be worn solo with a pair of strappy sandals.

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