The fashionable style of clothes

Casual style

Casual style clothing, commonly known as casual wear. It is the dress that people wears in the leisure life of unfettered, free, show concise natural style before the person. Color collocation is often based on solid color collocation, in addition to solid color, also often use some plaid/stripe/personality patterns, etc. The dress colocation in Han drama always lets a person shine at the moment, leisure colocation is pure and fresh and lively, skirt of classic stripe unlined upper garment, half a body is the common joker in the life small sheet is tasted, so relative to the day that relatively sex is cold is worn take for, Han FASTen is worn take a meeting more melting a few more lively.

With more comfortable shirt, T – shirt, shorts, casual maxi dresses , your shoes can match with sports shoes.

All in all, make sure you don’t wear too many layers in casual clothes. If you’re a beginner, try not to wear more than three colors all over your body. Black, gray and white are the best base colors to make sure you can’t go wrong.

Korean Clothing Style

Korean clothing style is worn with the basic styles, with simple and studious. Korean clothes is generally contracted durable look, will not have too many flashy things. Most people like Korean dress style very much, simple and fresh and very good-looking. The characteristic of Korean style is concise actually, upper body color can be much simpler much simpler, never let the dress contain a drag. Try not to wear tassels. Try not to wear flapping ornaments on your clothes. Wear simple jewelry on your wrists (such as hand-knitted bracelets or wristbands). Keep leggings to a minimum. Let’s start with a couple of combinations.

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