Students’ tips on matching clothes

Most of the sexy high school girls love to shop for clothes, but every time they open up their closet they find that they don’t have enough clothes to wear. Last year’s clothes are out of fashion. And how can the student party buy cute clothes that go with everything with the least amount of money?

Items recommendation

When we buy clothes, we usually focus on everything.

Top outfit: the white T – shirt of foundation money, or stripe T – shirt, match bull-puncher knickers, short skirt, concise and easy do not break grade again.

The collocation of these a few is right for sexy high school girl, the small white shoe that collocation is popular in last few years again, can perfect model Korea style.

Color Matching

1. Black and white collocation is always classic. This time, white shoulder collocation is super high street feeling with black wide-leg pants. The one-line shoulder top is a current fashion element. And very beautiful, a little shoulder sexy and glamorous.

2. Wear the same color. If you wear the same color, you can interpret it as minimalism. It may look simple on the outside, but don’t think it’s a way to be lazy. A color palette can be an outfit that stays in one color. The same color can also be a shade gradient over an approximate color. But the difference between colors means that you have to pay special attention to the relationship between the shades of the colors, and you need to take into account whether the main colors flatter the skin.

Be more open-minded about printed pieces

Printed pieces have always been a good thing, from floral tropical prints to even the much-maligned leopard print of “fashionistas”, which gives a very intuitive visual message. When different prints are superimposed on each other, a sharper contrast will be produced, resulting in a greater visual impact. Therefore, to the dress that printed full design do not feel not very good collocation to give up it, more overlay a few, you can find surprise.

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