There are a number of styles you can use to make your winter outfit look great. Among many dressing styles, only the Korean wear is the most suitable for wearing novice imitation, the Korean wear with its own gentle attributes, especially the winter Korean wear, gentle and comfortable and elegant, version and color are very advanced and simple, very suitable for elegant girls to wear, generous and fashionable, together to learn!

Gentle way of wearing an overcoat

Coat in winter is a high utilization rate of single products, but many will not wear a novice to wear even a strong sense of advanced coat can also look not so cool , then the gentle way of wearing the cheap coat can be learned as follow.

Coat, there are many different materials and version, choose the fabric is more exquisite and coat are more likely to wear an elegant temperament, and many smaller coat with a unique design is the key to improve modern feeling, for example, some coat will adopt the design of the button, and some of the coat can choose zipper design, want to wear a stronger artistic temperament, horn coat is a better choice.

Is cold in South Korea, fold wear is very common way of collocation in Korean clothing, if you want to make the modeling of more brilliant, must try to fold wear, wear the shirt and sweater fold together, not only can improve the modeling of fashionable feeling, and can make wearing more comfortable and warm in winter, in combination with a color is classic on the coat, the joker and able to bear or endure look, elegant and advanced.

Coat to wear an elegant, color matching is a key ring, many Korean clothes can choose some more able to bear or endure look and elegant color, such as classic morandi color and is color is very common on the color scheme, morandi color is the biggest characteristic is the high and low saturation, lightness can make modelling is beautiful, and not grandiose, tender feeling is very strong.

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