Dress matching analysis

Do you also like the style of Korean clothes? If so, check out the following analysis of two Korean clothes.

Jacket + tight pants + flat shoes

Outfitsfor autumn and winter Korean outfits are mostly this simple look in no more than three colors. The coat is given priority to with H, O model, basically reflect the temperament of leisure, languid lazy.

Wearing parkas and down jackets in Korean styles, young people tend to opt for oversized, medium-length coats because they are practical and casual. In order to reduce the overall sense of volume, the lower body with tight pants, flat shoes, and a woolen coat set.

The bomber jacket is most commonly worn with tight pants and flat shoes. Leather jacket will make the upper body more heavy, but the lower half wearing tight pants will be more light, feel walking with wind, handsome.

The down jacket is a similar routine. In addition, Korean girls especially like to wear oversized medium and long down jackets, which are not only easy to use in winter, but also loose and casual.

Comfort styling

It may be that Korean people like monochrome but do not want to be too boring, will be in the sense of layers and richness of the dress effort.

One way to add layers is to layer it up.

Overlapping is something we often see in TV dramas of Korean clothing. Different layers can also change the style of the coat. Usually a denim jacket or shirt is folded under a coat. The more common type of superimposed blazer is the superimposed blazer.

The Korean style of folding a shirt is to pull the coat in a more casual direction, while the European and American style of folding a blazer can add layers but still give a serious feel.

Thick inside build, thin outside build wear build can increase the richness of modelling. As you can see in the two pictures below, both use basic shirts and black turtleneck knitwear, but change the order in which they are worn to give a different look. The difference in knitwear and shirt materials also creates richness.

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