A line skirts in China fashion

A-line skirt has always been a must-have for girls. The most prominent thing is its function of narrowing the waist, making it very slim and flattering to the figure. Simple and good-looking style, neither pick color, and not very prominent design, even if the same style, wear on the body can also give A person completely different feeling, must be more than A girl’s wardrobe A skirt? A-line skirt is fashionable, but once you wear it wrong, it can make A joke. Let’s follow the Xiaobian to have A look at it

cute cheap clothes – A line skirt

The history of the A-line skirt

The A-line skirt was first created and designed by a French fashion designer. It was inspired by the triangle in the geometric figure, so it was named after the letter “A” similar to the triangle. The dress was initially rejected by the general public, but Jacqueline Onassis loved it, and the A-line dress began to make its way into the fashion world, quickly gaining popularity as A way of embellishing A woman’s figure and becoming known to girls around the world.

In the beginning, the A-word group was mostly dresses, and the style was simple. The skirt was mostly worn by working women, and the market was very small. With the innovation of the China fashion industry, clothing styles began to be more inclusive, and various styles of A-line skirts came out. Until now, the number of A-line dresses began to decrease, while on the contrary, A-line skirts for the waist are very popular, which is also the previous designers could not imagine.

Features of short A-line skirts

The length of short A-line skirt is above the knee, and the best length is from the knee to the root of the thigh. A-line skirt of this length shows the longest leg and very height. The most amazing thing is that the width and material of A-line skirt have no effect on its height and thinness, and it has A very strong function of embellishing the figure.

The short A-line skirt looks young and beautiful, and is more loved by young girls.

How to wear short A-line skirts

We all know that the most important point of an A-line skirt is the waist line. It can be said that 80% of the success of an A-line dress depends on the right waist line. One thing people don’t know yet is the consistency of the front and back waistlines. One of the most common mistakes to make is the one in the picture above. The front waistline is fine, but the back is full of holes, which makes the look sloppy.

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